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What Are the Benefits Partial Dentures Have to Offer?

If you have multiple missing teeth, you may have found yourself having difficulty chewing your food or speaking clearly. We here at Skyline Dental Associates have some good news. We are pleased to offer custom-made partial dentures for our patients in Ottawa, Ontario because of missing teeth.

Partial dentures have several benefits, including offering you self-confidence again. Created in a dental lab from impressions of your mouth, our partial dentures rest on a metal framework which attaches to the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Sometimes it is necessary to enlist the help of dental crowns to some of the remaining teeth to anchor your partial dentures comfortably. Other benefits also include:

1- Youthful Appearance
Once you become comfortable wearing your dentures, you will be enjoying your facial structure and youthful appearance. What happens with your facial structure when teeth go missing is that the muscles in the face start to sag because of changes in the bone and gum ridges.

2- Eating
In the beginning, you will have an adjustment period as you become familiar with how it feels to eat with your new oral appliance. Sticking with soft foods and cutting your food into smaller pieces helps this transition while avoiding sticky foods. You will also want to chew on both sides of the mouth to maintain an even pressure on the denture.

3- Speech
Speaking with missing teeth can be difficult, and your new denture will help alleviate this. You will find a noticeable improvement in your speaking ability after you adjust to the dentures.

If you need help with your smile, feel free to reach out to our team and schedule a consultation with our dentist. Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor is here give you the support you need for a healthy, confident smile!