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The Importance of Replacing Old or Damaged Fillings

The installation and upkeep of dental fillings are crucial components of dental care. Dental fillings repair decayed teeth by strengthening and enclosing the compromised tooth structure. However, fillings can deteriorate, suffer physical trauma, or lose their efficacy over time, resulting in several oral health problems.

Hence the team at Skyline Dental Associates would like you to know the importance of replacing old or damaged dental fillings.


Dental Care

Dental fillings care

Dentists employ dental fillings to repair cavities brought on by tooth decay. However, fillings are susceptible to deterioration, wear, and cracking over time. When this occurs, germs can enter the spaces between the filling and the tooth, causing more decay and perhaps harming the tooth’s underlying structure. You may stop the spread of deterioration and preserve good oral health by replacing old or broken fillings.


Structural Integrity


After the decay has been removed, fillings give the tooth stability and support. Fillings may cease to adequately strengthen the tooth structure as they get older or become damaged. The integrity of the tooth may be compromised as a result, leaving it more prone to fractures or shattering. Restoring the tooth’s structural integrity by replacing worn or damaged fillings lowers the likelihood of subsequent issues and the requirement for more involved dental operations like crowns or extractions.




Modern fillings are frequently created from materials that match the tooth, including porcelain or composite resin. However, with time, these materials may stain or discolour, changing how your smile looks. You may improve the aesthetics of your teeth and give your smile a more natural and beautiful appearance by replacing outdated or stained fillings.


Sensitivity and Discomfort

Dental fillings sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity and pain can result from decayed or damaged fillings. The underlying tooth structure might be sensitive to temperature fluctuations, biting pressure, and specific foods and beverages when fillings no longer function as a suitable seal. You can reduce tooth sensitivity and discomfort and improve oral comfort by replacing outdated or broken fillings.




Dental fillings have constrained longevity. They will ultimately wear down or degrade, however, the wear rate might vary based on the material used and your dental care practices. Your dentist can evaluate the state of your fillings during routine dental exams and decide whether replacement is required. You may increase the lifespan of old or damaged fillings and prevent the need for future, more involved dental repair by taking quick action.


Skyline Dental Associates – Trusted Ottawa Family Dentists


Dental fillings are essential for maintaining structural integrity, improving the appearance of our mouths, and protecting oral health. People can preserve their oral health in the long run by getting regular checkups. Also, replacing any old or broken fillings as soon as possible helps incredibly well too. People can prevent tooth decay from progressing and preserve excellent oral health by understanding how important it is to replace dental fillings. This proactive approach preserves natural tooth structure and avoids more involved dental operations.

Please contact us if you are searching for dental fillings in Ottawa to repair your worn-out or broken ones. Skyline Dental Associates, Ottawa’s top dental practice, is here to provide the attention and expertise you deserve. We recognize the value of dental fillings in protecting your smile’s beauty and overall oral health. Our skilled dental staff is committed to offering individualized and excellent dental services, ensuring that all you dental needs are met.