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The Dangerous Truth of Gum Disease

Gum disease can be dangerous to your smile. Without treatment and care, you should find yourself missing your teeth. That is why our dentist, Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor with Skyline Dental Associates in Ottawa, Ontario, are happy to give you the dangerous truth about gum disease and why its ideal to avoid if you can.

Basically, gum disease is an ailment that destroys your oral health. To be specific, gum disease targets the gums that hold your teeth and can create inflammation, which can progress to the bone causing extensive damage to your oral health. Gum disease can weaken your gums causing tooth loss and slowly deteriorate your bone causing bone loss, which means restorations like dental implants might need a bone grafting procedure in order to restore.

In most cases, gum disease is painless and at first and can be difficult to notice. Thankfully, there are warning signs that can help you find out if you have gum disease. These warning signs include bleeding gums, persistent bad breath, red or swollen gums, sensitive gums, teeth that feel loose or seem to pull away from your gums, and ultimately tooth loss. The good news is this condition can be reversed, and in most cases avoided with healthy habits of brushing and flossing regularly mixed with your six-month checkups with your dentist.

If you wonder if your oral health is at risk, or perhaps feel it’s time for a dental checkup, please call (613) 226-4562 today for a dental exam to see if you have gum disease or for treatment. Our team looks forward to helping you.