Intraoral Scanning

Advanced Intraoral Camera Scanning for
Greater Accuracy & Dental Treatment

Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor uses an intraoral scanning system that takes highly accurate digital impressions of your teeth. With this treatment, we can save you time and provide you with more comfortable, effective treatments.

Digital impressions are a modern, efficient and comfortable way to take precise impressions of your mouth. While this technology can make the experience more comfortable for patients, it is especially good for patients who gag easily. The digital impression system is less invasive than traditional impressions and moulds and provides our team with extremely accurate impressions.

dentist evaluating if a patient is eligible for dental implants

Some of the other benefits of digital impression technology include:
Digital impressions can be used for creating dental restorations, such as crowns, as well as orthodontic aligners
The scanner can be quickly taken out of your mouth if you ever feel uncomfortable, and we can easily start and stop the scanning process as needed
Digital impressions require much less time than traditional impressions, helping to make your appointment more efficient

Frequently Asked Questions

Intraoral scanning devices are an essential tool that dentists and denturists use to help assist with your restorative and preventative dental care treatments. An intraoral scan creates a high resolution digital file that captures the hard and soft tissue of your oral cavity with 3D accuracy.

One of the most convenient benefits of our intraoral scanning technology is that it allows us to create a digital impression of your teeth in roughly one minute.  

Digital impressions are another term for an intraoral scan. The digital impression usually refers to the file that contains the 3D images of your mouth. A dentist can refer to a digital impression to help create dentures, bridges, crowns, and retainers quickly and with unparalleled accuracy.

An intraoral scanner comes equipped with high tech software that allows us to capture a digital impression of your oral cavity in no time. A wand is inserted into the patients mouth and the scanner is guided by a dental professional across the bottom and top rows of teeth. As the wand moves relative to the scanner, it creates a digital impression in real time.

Our highly advanced intraoral scanning technology is designed to create minimal discomfort and to provide an incredibly quick digital impression. Your intraoral scan can be done quickly, and with more accuracy than ever, to ensure that your dental treatments are precise.