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Injured Gums Often Need First Aid While Seeking Professional Treatment

Your gums serve as a foundational medium to help anchor your teeth to the underlying oral bone structure. Sometimes an accidental blow to the mouth can impact your teeth and gums causing significant oral trauma.

In a scenario such as this, applying some simple first aid measure can help manage discomfort and minimize complications while you seek emergency treatment from a dentist like Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor.

Wounded gums and injured soft oral tissues can sometimes benefit from a gentle rinse with some lukewarm saltwater. It might also provide a better view of the traumatized tissues.

You should not attempt self-treatment of any oral lacerations. If you need help controlling any soft tissue bleeding in your mouth, you might try lightly packing the area with folded or rolled sterile gauze.

Early signs of soft tissues swelling can sometimes be addressed by lightly applying a cold compress to the cheek. If you don’t have one readily available a bag of frozen vegetables or ice rolled up in a tea towel might suffice.

If you need help managing discomfort, you could try gently rubbing the area with a topical oral analgesic or taking a standard dose of an over the counter pain medication.

Once you arrive at Skyline Dental Associates our dentist will assess the severity of the soft tissue trauma before presenting you with a viable treatment plan.

If you live in the Ottawa, Ontario, area and you have just suffered injured gums or a significant oral trauma, you should call (613) 226-4562 to seek emergency treatment at Skyline Dental Associates.