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Implants Vs. Dentures

an elderly woman deciding between dentures and implants

It can be challenging to smile, eat, and talk with confidence after tooth loss.

Missing teeth are not only unhealthy for your mouth but have a drastic effect on your everyday life and self-esteem.

Mouth injury, decay, and aging are the main culprits of missing teeth. Implants and dentures are common tooth replacement options that serve the purpose of helping you chew, support your facial muscles, and improve your speech.

Choosing the right solution depends on several factors including price, preference, the health of your remaining teeth, and jaw bone density.

To help you make an informed decision about which solution to go for, we’ve highlighted the key differences between implants vs dentures.

Are Dentures Right for You?implants vs dentures

Dentures are oral prosthetics designed to look and function like natural teeth.

Depending on the extent of tooth loss, you can get different types of dentures such as those that replace the teeth on the entire upper or lower jaw or only replace a few missing teeth. Regardless of how much bone is present, dentures can be fitted to your mouth.

This appliance is made by first taking an impression of your mouth so that your bite and alignment are studied to allow for optimal chewing and speech. The impression is then sent to the lab so that the denture can be fabricated to match your needs.

Dentures are more cost-effective than dental implants and give wearers the freedom to remove them at any time. They’re an ideal option for those who have unhealthy and weak jaws or who want to avoid a surgical procedure.

However, individuals who prefer minimal effort will find cleaning their dentures and replacing them every five years a hassle, not to mention worrying about the appliance slipping out mid-conversation.

What About Dental Implants?

Dental implants have become a popular alternative to dentures in recent years because they’re permanent teeth replacements.

While they cost more than dentures, they last longer and save you money in the long run. Best of all, you never have to worry about them falling out while eating or talking in a social situation.dental implants animation

A metal prosthetic root, called a post, is implanted deep in the jaw bone and fitted with a crown. The implant will look and act like a natural tooth and will help prevent bone loss as you age.

Since a strong foundation is needed to support the implant, patients must have healthy gums and adequate jawbone density to be eligible for the prosthetic.

Regain Your Confidence With Skyline Dental Associates

Missing teeth can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and problems with chewing and speaking.

Dentures and implants each have advantages and disadvantages, so discussing your options in detail with your dentist is important. Before starting your treatment, we’ll thoroughly assess your mouth and teeth and talk you through your options.

Our team of dental experts strives to provide our patients with the highest quality of service and care. With the help of the latest techniques and technologies in the dental field, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best results possible.

Reach out to us to learn more about implants vs dentures and to explore other tooth replacement options. Book your consultation today!