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Ottawa Family Dentistry
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Here at Skyline Dental Associates, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality family dentistry services to our patients. We have a team of highly skilled dental experts that have your needs and comfort as their top priority. Our office is also equipped with the most cutting-edge technology to provide you with a wide range of services for all of your needs. Some of these services include:

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Benefits of Family Dentistry

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Whether you’re taking your children, babies, or parents to the dentist, we make things quick and easy by keeping all your appointments in the same place. All your phone calls for appointments, tracking, and billing information will be from the same location as well which keeps things nice and organized for you!

Trust and Building Relationships

When the whole family goes to the same dentist, it facilitates trust and relationship building. At Skyline Dental, we work to build relationships and get to know our patients to make their visit as relaxing as possible.

Anxiety Reducing

We know going to the dentist can be anxiety-inducing for some of our patients. We take dental phobia very seriously and find that tackling dentist appointments as a family can help. Our team of dentists also have specific training for working with children!

Frequently Asked Questions

You should be taking your child to the dentist before they turn one. Typically, they should visit six months after their first tooth shows. This may seem early, but there are many reasons a child might need to see the dentist and there can be oral issues that start at a young age. If you’re unsure, you can book an appointment with us to have some peace of mind. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Procedure Offerings
Make sure the dentist you choose has a wide range of procedures and services available. When you need dental services for different age groups you want to ensure there is a wide breadth of services offered. From dental fillings all the way to dentures, we’ve got you covered!

Quality of Service
Have you heard good things about the dentist from existing patients? Are there good things written about the business and service offerings online? Do you feel comfortable with your initial interactions with the staff? These are all things to take note of when considering a family dentist.

Emergency Dental Care
Having a family dentist that offers emergency dental care is extremely important, especially when dealing with kids or seniors.

It’s recommended to visit your dentist for a check-up every six months to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. How often someone needs to see the dentist can vary depending on the individual’s needs. Sometimes this six-month schedule can vary depending on what the dentist might deem necessary.

It’s very important to make sure your kids or loved ones are brushing their teeth twice daily for at least 2 minutes. Sometimes it’s hard to know when they should start flossing and we can help answer that question for you during appointments! However, typically flossing should start when your child’s teeth begin to touch.

For any young patient, we always make sure they are taught proper oral care when they have an appointment with us.

Although X-rays do expose patients to radiation, the amount is so minimal that it’s considered extremely safe for use. X-rays are particularly important for kids since their jaws and teeth are always changing. We want to keep an eye out for any issues during their development.

Contact Us For Your Family Dentist Needs

If you’re looking for an Ottawa family dentistry office to start your dental health care journey or are looking to switch care providers, we are here, ready, and eager to welcome you as a new patient. Let us know how we can help!

Do not hesitate if you or your loved ones have any questions about how our family dentistry services work. Feel free to call our office at (613) 226-4562

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