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Family Dentist vs. General Dentist – What’s the Difference

The terms ‘family dentist’ and ‘general dentist’ have been used interchangeably and in place of each other for some time now. However, those terms are not synonymous. There is some overlap in the roles in dental health care but the differences between the two are distinct.

Hence, the team at Skyline Dental Associates would like you to know the difference between a family dentist and a general dentist.

Age Range

Family DentistThe main difference between a family dentist and a general dentist is the ages of their typical patients.

A general dentist usually gears their practice towards a particular age group. A general dentist could specialize in youth dentistry or dentistry for the elderly.

Family dentistry has to account for the range of ages one would find in a typical family. Their practice has to offer a wider range of services to allow them to treat children growing permanent teeth to adults who might be needing dentures.

Treatments Offered

With the difference in age of their target patient groups, the treatments available with family dentists and general dentists also differ in scope.

A family dentist will offer a wide range of treatments suitable for all ages. General dentistry offers more specialized services, based on their target patient group. A general dentist who offers braces for teens is likely not going to offer dentures for the elderly.

As such, while a family dentist is likely to provide the treatments you are looking for, you will need to verify a general dentist’s services before going to one.

Cosmetic Procedures

General Dentist

Cosmetic dentistry is considered to be part of elective medical procedures. There is some significant overlap as some cosmetic dentistry procedures also provide health benefits. 

A family dentist is less likely to provide cosmetic procedures. Their main focus is preventative care and minor repairs when necessary. They perform regular dental checkups and teeth cleaning.

A general dentist will treat more serious dental problems, sometimes with cosmetic techniques. Issues like cracked teeth, gum disease and tooth decay fall within their purview. Solutions to those problems might involve cosmetic procedures like bridges, implants and dentures.

However, if you need more extensive treatments, both dentists will refer you to a specialist.

Why Do You Need A Family Dentist?

A family dentist provides many benefits that a general dentist cannot provide.

A family dentist provides convenience by offering the majority of dental care procedures you might require. Instead of having to make appointments and travel extensively to meet with specialists, they can deliver the treatments needed. If a specialist is necessary, the family dentist will give you a referral.

With a family dentist, a trusting and lasting relationship is built over time. This is especially helpful for children who might be anxious about visiting a dentist. A family dentist kids see on a regular basis can help allay their fears and listen to any concerns they have about the procedures.

The preventative care provided by a family dentist is more effective because they know your unique situation and are familiar with your dental history. They can monitor any developing issues you have and deliver treatments specific to your specific requirements. 

Skyline Dental Associates – Your Trusted Ottawa Dentist

Family and general dentists offer similar services but each fits into a particular niche. The differences between them are crucial and could save you the time and effort required for other tasks.

Please contact us if you have any dental health concerns. Skyline Dental Associates offers a wide range of dental services, both family and general. Our comprehensive dental care is based on our ability to communicate effectively and address your concerns. Our team is committed to improving the oral health needs of you and your family.