Emergency Dental Care

Urgent Dental Care
For Emergencies

Tooth pain or other emergency dental situations can arise unexpectedly and be quite painful. These situations need to be addressed immediately, not only to reduce the pain you’re experiencing but also to ensure that the damage is fixed so matters do not worsen. Avoiding permanent damage or more elaborate and costly services in the future is our priority for you.

If you experience a dental emergency, call our office at (613) 226-4562 as soon as you can. We will make arrangements for you to see Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor, to receive treatment, and we will provide instructions on what to do until you can make it to our office.

A dental emergency is something that requires attention from a dental professional as soon as possible. We understand that emergency situations are rarely planned, but rest assured that our dental office is here to help when you need it the most. We encourage you to contact us if you experience any kind of dental emergency and will be happy to book you in for an appointment as soon as we are able to.

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Emergency Dental Care in Ottawa

woman with forceps in her mouth during emergency dental care

Some common dental emergency situations could include:

Severe Toothaches

If left untreated, severe toothaches can cause intense pain, swelling, and discharge. For severe toothaches, there are a few things you can try to help remedy things on your own. Rinsing your mouth with warm water or flossing to remove any lodged food particles that may be the cause of your toothache could help resolve the issue. If you’ve tried home remedies and the pain persists or worsens, call on our emergency dental care services right away. Over-the-counter pain relief medications can alleviate pain in the meantime while you wait for your emergency dental appointment in Ottawa with Skyline Dental.

Broken Teeth
When there is a chipped tooth or broken tooth involved, try to salvage any remaining pieces if possible. Rinse your mouth and the broken tooth pieces. To help with bleeding you can apply gauze to the area. A cold compress can help with pain and swelling as well. All damaged or broken teeth should be assessed by a dental professional to provide a safe and effective solution before other issues come up.
Loose or Lost Crowns & Fillings

If your dental filling or crown is loose or falls out, make sure to call us for a same-day emergency appointment. Consult with our dentists for a temporary solution before coming in for your treatment. Please bring the crown with you to your emergency dental appointment in Ottawa at Skyline Dental.

Infected or Abscessed Teeth

If left untreated or unnoticed, cavities can fester and can eventually become infected. If you’re experiencing intense pain, bad breath, swelling, and abnormal sensitivity, meet with your dentist ASAP. Until your emergency dental appointment, rinse with a mild salt water solution and take over-the-counter pain medications if you need help with the pain.

Knocked Out Tooth

If your tooth is ever knocked out, try retrieving the tooth immediately. Rinse the root of the tooth with water if it’s dirty by holding it by the crown. Be gentle with the root and do not scrub off any tissue fragments. If possible, try and put the tooth back in place (without forcing it) making sure it’s facing the right direction. If it’s not possible, store the tooth in milk until you book an emergency dental appointment in Ottawa with Skyline Dental.

Broken Braces Wires, Brackets, or Bands
These dental emergencies can be extremely frustrating. Until you see your dentist for an emergency dental appointment, try and be careful around the exposed or sharp areas within your mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dental emergency requires immediate treatment to help alleviate pain, prevent further dental complications, and to stop bleeding. Contact our clinic to get same day emergency dental care!

Some common dental emergencies include:

  • Intense toothaches
  • Missing fillings
  • Lost crowns
  • Broken teeth
  • Infected cavities
  • Sensitive & swollen gums


Call your dentist immediately. The sooner that you get proper treatment, the higher the chances that you’ll fully recover from the dental emergency at hand. If you’re in need of emergency dental care, contact us today!
The best way to avoid dental emergencies and complications is by having a regular & thorough oral hygiene routine. Brush twice daily, floss regularly, and take good care of your teeth.

There are many different at home remedies for soothing a toothache. Some common remedies include:

  • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Rinsing with salt-water
  • Applying a cold compress
  • Using a hot pack


If you’re experiencing lasting and uncomfortable pain after trying at home solutions, make sure to check in with your dentist. Going to the dentist should be your first line of defense.