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Don’t Let a Toothache Bring Down Your Smile

Having a toothache isn’t fun for anyone, and for good reason. Toothache pain is hard to ignore and can even interfere with your day to day function because it hurts. Today, Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor and our team would like to look at a few reasons your tooth might be hurting you and also help you find some relief. Let’s take a look!

You can experience pain in a tooth when oral debris such as food particles become stuck between your teeth. Thankfully, this is usually an easy fix, as you can simply brush and floss gently to dislodge these particles. Rinsing thoroughly may also help loosen the obstruction, giving you relief.

Another cause of a toothache may be an infection or damage to dental work. For example, if you have a dental crown or bridge which is damaged, or a filling has come loose, you may feel discomfort because of pressure on the tooth. Or perhaps you have an abscess or infected tooth, toothache pain will be the result. If one of these is causing your toothache, these are considered dental emergencies and the most effective solution is to see Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor to help resolve the issue and bring you the relief you need.

Tooth decay is another culprit for a toothache. When you have a cavity, your dentist will be able to remove the decay and fill in the hole with a dental filling, giving you relief from pain. How do you know if you have a cavity? If you have been attempting to soothe a toothache by brushing, flossing and rinsing with salt water, and nothing is helping, you may have a cavity.

If you are experiencing persistent lingering tooth pain, we encourage you to give our Skyline Dental Associates team a call to schedule an appointment. A member of our caring staff can be reached at (613) 226-4562 . Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor is happy to provide you with a pain-free smile!