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People lose their natural teeth for a wide variety of different reasons, like disease, injury, old age, and other unforeseen circumstances. 

Dentures are removable or fixed oral appliances that are commonly used as the solution for replacing multiple missing teeth. If you’re missing some or all of your natural teeth, dentures might just be the solution that you’ve been looking for.

A custom-fit set of dentures can enhance the appearance of your smile, help maintain the structure of your mouth and jaw, and will also restore the ability to confidently chew your food. Whether you need upper or lower, full or partial dentures, the team at Skyline Dental can create a custom designed set of dentures that will look and feel just like your natural teeth. Contact us today to book a denture consultation!


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Different Types of Dentures

There are two main kinds of dentures: complete dentures and partial dentures.

A complete denture is used to replace all of the teeth in a full dental arch. We may suggest a complete denture to replace all of the teeth in one or both arches depending on your individual needs.

A partial denture is used if you are missing multiple teeth but have natural teeth remaining. A partial denture often includes a thin framework or clasps that attach to the natural teeth for a secure fit.

The Benefits of Dentures

As one of the leading choices for replacing missing teeth, dentures offer a wide variety of benefits to those who are missing some or all of their teeth:

  • Dentures support your facial muscles
  • Most dental insurance plans cover dentures
  • They can increase your confidence & self-esteem
  • They’re easy to clean and maintain
  • Dentures enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Modern dentures are both functional & comfortable
  • Support from dentures can improve your speech
  • Dentures allow you to eat just like you would with your natural teeth
  • Specific types of dentures can be easily removed


Frequently Asked Questions

Dentures come in a variety of options for those who are missing some teeth or all of their teeth, and can be permanent or removable. The main types of dentures are:

  • Partial dentures – for people missing some of their teeth
  • Full dentures – for those who are missing all of their teeth
  • Implant dentures – permanent teeth replacements


Contact us today to schedule a consultation to find out which denture option is best suited for you.

If you have removable dentures, we recommend removing them at night to allow your gums to rest from the pressure exerted on them throughout the day. Make sure to clean your dentures before storing them overnight.
Adjusting to your dentures will take some time but once you’ve worn them in and are comfortable with your dentures, you should be able to resume your regular eating habits and enjoy all of your favourite foods.
It depends on the type of dentures, type of materials used, and your denture care practices. Typically, dentures can last 5-10 years but may need to be relined or rebased within that timeframe. A regular denture cleaning routine can significantly increase the lifespan of your dentures.
Just like you would brush your natural teeth, dentures need to be properly cleaned as well. When cleaning your dentures, make sure to avoid coarse bristle brushes and abrasive tooth pastes. Check with your denturist for the best denture cleaning products. When you take out your dentures overnight, make sure to brush them and clean them before storing them in water overnight – brush your gums and remaining natural teeth as well!
With modern advancements in denture fabrication, dentures are designed to perform, feel, and look just like your natural teeth. Dentures provide a discrete solution for missing teeth that can bring back your confidence with a natural looking smile.