Dental Bridges

Restore Your Smile with
Dental Bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth and want a comfortable, natural-looking solution to missing teeth, then visit Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor for a dental bridge.

If you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth in a row, we may recommend a dental bridge to restore your smile. A bridge is a fixed dental restoration, meaning it is non-removable. The dental bridge is anchored in place through the use of two dental crowns, which are custom-made to fit your smile and are placed on the teeth next to the space left by the missing tooth. These crowns hold the artificial tooth in place to restore your smile, ensuring that your restoration will not easily shift or come loose. It typically requires two visits to our practice to complete a dental bridge. Dental bridges are designed to last for many years and to restore the function, beauty and health of your smile.

woman smiling while having her tooth colour matched during a teeth whitening in Ottawa appointment

Our dentist may recommend a dental bridge to improve your smile by:

Restoring your ability to speak, eat and chew normally
Alleviating excess stress on the bite
Improving the shape and volume of your face
Replacing an unwanted removable partial denture
Preventing the remaining natural teeth from moving out of position
Enhancing the appearance of your smile

We will help you determine whether a custom dental bridge is the right choice for
restoring your smile after tooth loss. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A dental bridge is a dental prosthesis that is designed to replace one or more missing teeth. The dental bridge is held firmly in place by your natural teeth that surround the missing ones to effectively fill the gap of a missing tooth. They are designed to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth.
With a thorough oral hygiene routine and regular dental visits your dental bridges can last anywhere from 10-15 years. Make sure to consult with your dentist about creating an oral hygiene routine that works for you.
Dental bridges often do not require any additional attention compared to your natural teeth. Make sure to brush and floss regularly. If you have a specific circumstance that might require more maintenance, your dentist should provide you with all of the necessary information.
With advancements in dental instruments and technology, modern day dental bridges are made to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. They are created from a natural-looking composite materials that makes them blend in perfectly with your existing teeth.
Dental bridges are traditionally permanent solutions that can’t be removed. Partial dental bridges are removeable, but are an uncommon option – make sure to consult with your dentist to see if it’s a solution that could work for you.
Even though dental bridges commonly last for up 10 years with proper care, accidents happen and problems can occur. If you are experiencing issues with your dental bridge or your dental bridge has been significantly damaged, a repair is a potential solution. Make sure to consult with your dentist as soon as you can if you are experiencing any issues.
It typically takes two visits to our clinic to complete a dental bridge.
Although it may take some time to get used to having the gap in your mouth filled in, your dental bridge should fit and function just as your normal teeth would. You don’t have to worry about chewing differently or changing your eating habits. Your ability to speak should not be impacted by your dental bridge.