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Dark Beverages Commonly Contribute to Dental Staining Problems

Dental stains can develop on your teeth as a natural result of the aging process. They are even more likely to be a problem if you struggle to maintain strong and healthy tooth enamel.

It’s also worth noting that frequently consuming dark beverages like coffee, tea, or dark soft drinks can also cause minor dental stains to adhere to the faces of your teeth. If they’re not removed in a reasonable amount of time, these they could gradually start to saturate your tooth enamel.

In a situation like this, a dentist like Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor can help determine the severity of your dental stains and the most effective method for restoring the white smile you enjoyed in your early years.

A dental bleaching treatment is often required to fully whiten teeth with significant dental stains. It can be performed in a single outpatient appointment to successfully remove dental stains without placing your mouth at undue risk of harm.

The final phase of the treatment might also include Dr. Leila Ebrahimpoor using a special ultraviolet light to address any small trouble spot to fully restore the natural gleam of your smile.

Going forward you might want to cut back on your consumption of dark beverages or try drinking them through a straw. This will reduce the total exposure to your front teeth.

If you live in the Ottawa, Ontario, area and you have noticed increasing dental stains on your teeth, you should call (613) 226-4562 to schedule a whitening consultation at Skyline Dental Associates.