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Cosmetic Tooth Reshaping for a Smooth and Even Smile

The teeth in your smile can sometime be suffer minor, cosmetic imperfections. Minor chips and small fractures in the enamel of several teeth, along with alignment issues can leave you wishing for a better smile. In a case like this, you might be a perfect candidate for a cosmetic tooth reshaping procedure.

The procedure is rather straight-forward and involved the dentist carefully using their drill to smooth each tooth. This will slightly alter your bite pattern for a smooth and appealing smile.

The dentist might want to make some x-rays before recommending the procedure. This will give them a clear understanding of the strength and health of the enamel found in the teeth of your smile. If you lack sufficient enamel they might recommend cosmetic veneers or a series of crowns to improve your smile.

After the procedure is complete your dentist might recommend a fluoride treatment and regular use of fluoride toothpaste to help strengthen and maintain your enamel.

If you have teeth with chips or minor fractures and you’re interested in cosmetic tooth reshaping, please feel free to call us at (613) 226-4562 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you get the smile you’ve always wanted!