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A Mouth Guard Is Essential for Protecting your Mouth During Contact Sports

In the past, mouthguards might have been treated as optional equipment by some schools and athletic associations. As time has gone on, most of these organizations have recognized the potential damage to the face and risk of concussion associated with athletes in contact sports. As a result, mouthguards are being enforced as a required equipment for contact sport athletes.

At the retail level, there are several different options available to athletes.

Stock mouthguards are inexpensive. Unfortunately, they are designed for a generic fit. As a result, most athletes complain that make it hard to breathe while also fitting loosely in the mouth.

Boil and bite mouth guards offer a tighter fit. After it is warmed in boiling water, you bite down on the material and it firms up once it cools. Many athletes complain that they are bulky and interfere with breathing.

The best option for protecting your mouth and ease of breathing is the custom fitted mouthguard made available to you by your dentist. These pieces are made from a thermoplastic material that matches your bite pattern. Some research has found that they even can help prevent concussions and certain types of brain injury.

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