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5 Reasons Why You Might Need A Tooth Extraction

3d rendering of tooth extraction

As a child, losing a tooth was an exciting event, as it meant that they’ll be receiving a visit from the tooth fairy that night and find money under their pillow the next morning. 

As an adult, the thought of getting a tooth pulled is can be more like a nightmare. Modern-day tooth extraction is relatively pain-free, however, though we do our best to avoid it and would rather treat or save the tooth whenever possible.

Tooth extractions are a last resort scenario and are only called upon when the dentist deems that the tooth cannot be saved. Severe cases of tooth decay and infection are what typically call for a tooth extraction. 

Although dentistry continues to advance and can treat most cases of infection and decay, some cases are unavoidable and necessary to protect the health of your mouth and body. There are five main reasons that would warrant you to have a tooth extraction, which will be discussed further below.   

What is a Tooth Extraction 

A tooth extraction is a process in which the dentist pulls out a tooth from the dental alveolus or socket. 

This minor procedure doesn’t cause any damage or trauma to the surrounding tissues and is done under a local anaesthetic. 

There are two types of tooth extractions: a simple extraction and a surgical extraction. A simple extraction is performed if the damaged tooth is visible in the mouth. On the other hand, a surgical extraction is conducted when the tooth is hidden or inaccessible. 

Another extraction that is performed is a wisdom tooth removal. This extraction calls for the removal of the third molar tooth that’s found in the back of your mouth. tooth extraction tools

Your Ottawa dentist will determine what type of extraction to conduct based on the visibility and accessibility of the damaged tooth. 

5 Reasons Why You Might Need A Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is used as a last resort by the dentist when all other treatments have failed. 

Sometimes, teeth can be saved by root canals and cavity fillings, but depending on the severity of the damage, a tooth extraction could be the best option. 

There are 5 main reasons why a tooth extraction procedure is needed.

Severe tooth decay

The minor and moderate cases of tooth decay can be treated with a root canal.

However, a severe level of decay will deeply damage the tooth and tissue surrounding it. In this case, an extraction may be ordered by the dentist. 

Impacted teeth

dental patient gets tooth extractionWhen a tooth is considered impacted, it means that the tooth didn’t properly erupt from the gums, preventing the tooth from coming out.

This usually occurs to molars or wisdom teeth.

The best course of action may very well be to treat it with a dental extraction or wisdom tooth removal. Your dentist will determine the best course of action when you see us for treatment.

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is another word for gum disease and is one of the more serious dental disorders you can get.

It’s a severe infection in the gums that leads to teeth and bone loss. Its main cause is a lack of good oral hygiene.

If untreated at an early stage, the disease can start attacking the jaw bone, which will loosen teeth. When this begins to happen, a tooth extraction is necessary. 

Teeth overcrowding

Teeth overcrowding occurs when there are too many teeth in the mouth.

After a while they distort the alignment of the teeth, affecting your smile.

tooth extracted with dental toolThis can be treated with certain orthodontic treatments, but removing the extra tooth can allow the teeth to move back to an aligned state. 

Dental trauma

Although our teeth are incredibly strong, accidents still happen. Teeth can get fractured or broken.

The first thing a dentist will attempt to do is preserve and fix the original tooth.

However, if this is not possible, and keeping it would result in more damage to the mouth, then the tooth will have to be extracted. 

While no one wishes for a tooth extraction, they are necessary to ensure your oral and systemic health. 

Tooth Extraction In Ottawa

Are you experiencing any of the circumstances mentioned above?

It might not be too late to save your tooth! Skyline Dental in Ottawa will evaluate the condition of your teeth and develop a treatment plan specialized for your needs. 

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or think you may need a tooth extraction, book an appointment with us today and let us get you on the path of feeling pain-free!